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Iím Carlos sabalo.Iím just currently lived in St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, I was born also at the same place.Iím just 18 years old and my birth date is December21,1988.

I 'm just kind of person, easy to be with.

Not totally humble but I can manage my temper, Iím honest person if you were honest too.

I hate a person that very boastful especially luxury, and of course I hate a person that very great pretender. I'm very shy you can counted the words that I've spoken, and I'm just easy to irritated, mostly if I have a menstruation. I have a attitude that you can not understand myself why I am act like something that not good move.

My friend wrote me some testimony on ďfriendsterĒ like Iím kind person but sometimes passive yes itís true.

I think itís enough to tell about me because my brain is stop working and understand my grammarÖ.